Professional Development for PA Educators - Act 48

Professional Development Achievement GapsAct 48 of 1999 requires all Pennsylvania certified educators to maintain professional currency through continuing professional development activities. Those holding an Intern, Instructional I or II, Administrative or Supervisory certificates, all vocational certificates or Letters of Eligibility must comply with Act 48 requirements.

PSEA offers many resources to assist educators in meeting their Act 48 requirements. These include PSEA workshops and seminars, PSEA recommended programs and additional online resources.

Deadlines for Act 48 Requirements
Act 48 requirements must be met in five-year increments. For those holding certificates prior to July 1, 2000, requirements became effective at that date. For those receiving certificates after July 1, 2000, requirements become effective the date educators receive Level I certificates and must be fulfilled within five years of that date.

To meet Act 48 requirements, you must have accrued six collegiate credits, or six continuing professional education (CPE) credits, or 180 activity hours, or any combination of the three options within the five-year period. Requirements are renewed every five years.

Educators can check their Act 48 hours on PDE's website.


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