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Enrollment for the 2015-16 membership year is now underway. Your liability insurance coverage begins as soon as your membership is processed. 
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Remember that you can join as a multi-year member. Multi-year membership is more cost effective and guarantees uninterrupted liability coverage.
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Find the Top 10 benefits of Student PSEA membership here.

"I chose Student PSEA because I know that as a future educator my voice matters and will be heard during this critical point in education.  As a member of student PSEA, I am provided with the opportunity to network with future educators throughout the state and nation.  Being involved with this organization at the state level has strengthened my leadership skills and has provided me with a stronger sense of professionalism.  Student PSEA members have the ability to stay up to date with information pertaining to current political issues in education, have numerous scholarship opportunities as individuals, for their chapters, and regions, and can take advantage of the savings and discounts as a member of S-PSEA.  Overall, I have grown as an individual and a professional because of the ability to network with current and upcoming professionals in the field of education."
~ Cassie Rosenwald, Carlow University
Who is Eligible?
College students interested in education are eligible to join Student PSEA.

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