Liability Insurance

Educators' Employment Liability Insurance (EEL)
A benefit of PSEA and NEA membership


  • $1 million coverage for members of PSEA-NEA (per occurrence, per member)
  • $300,000 coverage for alleged civil rights violations
  • Reimbursement of attorney’s fees up to $35,000 for defense of criminal charges arising from employment activities, if you are exonerated or if the charges are dropped. If charges relate to corporal punishment, attorney fees are reimbursed regardless of the outcome.
  • PSEA will advance up to $2,500 of an attorney’s retainer to any member charged with a crime arising from employment activities, so that members will be helped with out-of-pocket costs.
  • $1,000 bail bond coverage
  • $500 coverage for your property damage as a result of an assault

NOTE: This summary is offered as a guide to the coverage of the PSEA Educators Employment Liability Policy. It is not a substitute for the formal policy. Please refer to the Educators Employment Liability Policy for complete information on your coverage.

Educators' Employment Liability (EEL) Policy Documents:

If you are involved in a school activity that results in a claim, you should report the incident immediately to your PSEA UniServ representative. A claim form will be filled out for you and processed through PSEA’s EEL coordinator.

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