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A Parents Guide to Gifted Education in Pennsylvania

Navigating the right course for your child can often times be difficult and confusing. This guide is meant to get you started in charting the right course.

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Dealing with the Inescapable Bully: The Cyber Bully

With today's technologically savvy generation of students, the roles of the bullies have morphed along with the technology they use. Students now steal online identities and can pick on one another at any hour of the day. The problem of bullying has expanded beyond the confines of the school premises. The effects of cyber bullying, however, can be seen inside the classroom. Thanks to technology, bullying has become a less obvious, more sophisticated form of harassment that can be much harder for adults to detect and can cause learning and emotional deficits that must be overcome by the educator and the student.

Dealing With Threats or Violent Behaviors From Students With IEPs

This booklet will provide you with information you can use if you find yourself dealing with a student who has violent outbursts. We will address this in two ways: an inventory you can use to determine if the appropriate supports are in place and strategies for both minor and serious incidents.

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Path to Success - Cluster Grouping for the Gifted

Meeting the needs of each student in your classroom is a challenging responsibility, and one required by Chapter 16 regulations. Every child deserves an appropriate education. The gifted child is no exception. Students learn at different speeds and differ in their ability to under-stand complex concepts. Advanced learners need challenging curricu-lum that matches classroom strategies with the special needs of the gift-ed student‘s performance and potential.

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PSEA School Nurse Manual

Member login required. Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding School Nursing in Pennsylvania’s Public Schools

Understanding the Challenging and the Gifted: An Introduction for Teachers

Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE) and Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) are partnering to bring you this booklet that will be a helpful tool as you teach and challenge Pennsylvania’s young minds. We invite you to take the first step to learning how to meet the needs of the gifted learner through the information and resources provided in this publication.

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You and Your Certificate booklet

For PSEA members, You and Your Certificate is intended to be a handy reference to help understand these rights and responsibilities. Information about acquiring and maintaining an active and valid Pennsylvania certificate is offered here in an easy-to-use format.

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