Parent Brochure - TV cover

Parent Pamphlet - TV Viewing: Setting The Rules

TV time takes time from other activities that are very important to a child’s development such as homework, physical activity, creative expression, learning individual skills. TV does not have to be watched all the time.

Teen Discipline Cover

Parent Pamphlet: Discipline for Teenagers

Dealing with teenagers requires patience, wisdom, and effective discipline.

Discipline Brochure Cover

Parent Pamphlet: Discipline: An Important Way to Show a Child Love

Discipline is constructive guidance providing positive guidelines to help your child now and later. That’s not an easy job. You will, at times, lose your temper, do things you wish you hadn’t, but if those times are few and only temporary setbacks, you will still accomplish a great deal.

Tests Brochure Cover

Parent Pamphlet: Help Your Child Take Tests

Quizzes and exams that teachers routinely use to check on students’ learning are the most common—and frequent— tests your child takes in school. In addition to classroom tests, your child may take one or more achievement tests that schools are required to give each year. These tests, which provide a snapshot of what students know, are used to gauge how well schools educate students.

Study Brochure Cover

Parent Pamphlet: Helping Your Teenager Study More Productively

Make sure your child keeps up with schoolwork. It's not only a better way to learn, but it also will build confidence and prevent your child from having to cram before a test. Besides, once you fall behind, it's tough to catch up.

Reading Brochure Cover

Parent pamphlet: Reading Aloud to Your Child--A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Reading aloud is a gift you can freely give to your children from the day they are born until the time they leave the nest. Children’s reading experts agree that reading aloud offers the easiest and most effective way to help children become lifelong readers. It also can be as much fun for you as it is for your children.

Early Years Cover

Parent Pamphlet: The Early Years in School - How Parents Can Help

Children are always learning. Children can learn in many places and in many ways. While school is a major source of their education, the things they learn at home are equally important to their development. As a parent, you have a chance to make a big difference in how and how well your children learn.

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