PSEA helps explain teacher evaluations

Voice: November 2014 

The rules are constantly changing.

That's what it feels like to work in Pennsylvania's public schools these days. And that is why PSEA is committed to providing members with the best information about how to follow these rules and still meet the needs of the students PSEA members teach.

This year is the second year teachers will need to go through the Student Learning Objective process and the first year school counselors, school librarians,  paraprofessionals, and others classified as “non-teaching professionals’’ will also begin using it.

“The SLO process is hard to understand, and I know members have a lot of questions, particularly since it counts for 35 percent of an educator’s summative rating,” said PSEA Vice President Jerry Oleksiak. “That’s where the PSEA Professional Learning Exchange comes in. We want to help, and we’re more focused than ever on doing just that.”

The chart on page 25 will help take PSEA members through the SLO process step by step. For more detailed information, go to to view a webinar on how the SLO process works and how you can navigate it. 

PSEA knows that the rules about educating Pennsylvania's students are harder to follow than ever. But PSEA is here to help.

Stay tuned for more PSEA Professional Learning Exchange resources in 2015 and beyond.  

Completing the Student Learning Objective, or SLO, template is a complex, rigorous task, and the results determine up to 35 percent of classroom teachers’ summative rating in the state’s new teacher evaluation system. PSEA created this five-question guide to help members complete the template. Learn more at







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