December 29, 2015

State budget update: Gov. Wolf uses line-item veto to send emergency funding to schools
Budget impasse continues in Harrisburg

Gov. Tom Wolf remains steadfast in his efforts to secure a more than $400 million increase for public schools.

On Dec. 29, a visibly angry and frustrated Gov. Wolf held a press conference where he announced that he will use his line-item veto to strike a number of appropriations that legislative leaders made in the budget bill they passed before leaving Harrisburg for Christmas.

In his brief press conference, he explained that the budget the Legislature passed last week was out of balance, continued the structural deficit that has led credit agencies to downgrade Pennsylvania's credit rating five times, and failed to adhere to the agreement the governor had reached with legislative leaders a month ago.

Find the governor's complete remarks here

Emergency funding for schools
Gov. Wolf announced plans to release approximately six months of basic education funding on an emergency basis to make sure schools stay open, and to release those funds as quickly as possible "so that kids do not suffer because of the lack of activity and responsibility" in Harrisburg.

With this emergency funding, Pennsylvania's schools should be able to open in January and have the resources to remain open for some time - time that legislators clearly need to get to work on a long-term state budget that includes the school funding increases our schools need and students deserve.

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